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Here are a few things that I have made lately...

I will add more pictures as I make custom things.

I have been having a blast making them.

Thank you all for your love and support =)


These were made on different days. The left was inspired by a dear friend. Wanted to brighten her day and her mood. Shes had some horrible things happen. I wanted to give a reason to smile even if only for a few mins =)

The second was for the wedding as well.. I call it Wedding Glam.... Just thought it would look just right aside of the beautiful bride =)12993359-578254032351575-808596179254491605-n.jpg

I made the middle one and was inspired by a dear friends cousin getting married. I call it Tip of the Rose.. I imagine the beautiful bride leaning over the candle smelling the ever so strong blend of Victorian Flowers.  Made it with her colors of the wedding and scent of her choice English Garden. She wanted Roses but a bit more victorian. This is right on point with her mood and the new occasion..... Congrats!  

The other two candles are my cravings. Yes, I was hungry pouring and decided to make parfait looking ones. 13001321-578254089018236-146510998429767499-n.jpgThese were all made when I was pouring the WEDDING CANDLES.

1st candle is called Layers of Love.

2nd is Overflowing Love, jar is filled with heart embeds and poured to seal the deal.

3rd candle is called tunnel of love with roses falling down the center.

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